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Do I get printing rights to my photos?

  • YES! Of course you do! My philosophy is: you are already hiring me as your photographer to take photos for you – you shouldn’t have to pay more to take the photos home. At the end of the day you should have something to show for the time you spend with me! The number of digital files that comes with each session differs but at the end of the day all photos that come with your package will be given to you vian USB or digital download with a with print release form.

How many years have you been taking photos?

  • I’ve had a camera in my hand since I knew how to use one, so it is hard to pin point exactly how long I’ve been taking photos. Over the last three years I have been becoming more serious about photography. Photography is my passion and I am working towards full time.

How many weddings do you photograph per/year?

  • I’ve been consistently taking 1-2 weddings per year for the my first  3-4 years (2007-2011 roughly) in 2012 I photographed around 11 weddings and now I shoot 20+ each year. As of March 2017 I’ve shot 100+ weddings!

What do you mean by “artistic edits?”

  • A lot of my photos that I post on my site have different filters, vignettes, and editing techniques applied. I edit all my photos to make them look their best in color and black and white  but also apply different techniques to photos I especially like.

Will you come for the rehearsal dinner?

  • If you would like me to attend and photograph the rehearsal dinner please let me know and I can work that into a custom package for you.

How far do you travel for weddings?

  • My current range (sans travel fees) is within the Milwaukee area but I travel worldwide for weddings! I’ll go anywhere – just ask!

 Is there an additional charge if my wedding is outside your range?

  • Additional fees for travel are evaluated on a case by case basis.

Do you offer albums/prints in any of your packages?

  • I offer prints and albums as extras. If you are interested in adding on albums or prints I can work that into a package for you.

Do you create custom packages?

  • Yes! Every wedding, every session is completely different than the next.  I will always work with a client to create a customized package to meet their needs.