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100 day project

I’ve had years of trying 365 day projects but without any direction I usually fizzle out. I also seem to always get busy and forget. So I’ve decided to go in another direction. The goal of this project is to photography 100 people in 100 days. With any luck, 100 different people. Initially I was going to only choose one photo per day, but this has proved difficult. So, some days may have a couple photos (or people).

I’ve always enjoyed portrait photography. It is is probably my favorite type of photography. Growing up, to say that I had issues with my self esteem is an understatement. I definitely don’t fit into the conventional ideals of beauty and I was aware of it. The older I became (and the more people I began to photograph) I began to love my flaws. Big nose, kinky hair, deep brown eyes.


I love capturing something in people that they can’t necessarily see themselves. I live to capture people as they are and allow them to see they are beautiful as is. Not only do I hope I can allow my clients to see a different side of themselves but I also hope other people can see my clients in a different light. Right now, it seems like you cannot go a day without something awful popping up on the news. Assumptions and blind opinions are the norm, we’ve stopped wanting to look deeper. I think this is because looking deeper can reveal a lot of negative about our world BUT there is so much good too. The good is rarely highlighted. It is so much harder to find the good, the beautiful, the amazing which lives in the world. I aim to highlight that. I’ve seen a great amount of growth in myself in just the first few days of this project. I hope it continues.

99/100 | 100 Day Project

Anna & Family. One of my give away winners. Such a sweet little family with two rambunctious boys and one on the wayView full post »

98/100 | 100 Day Project

Shelby. Bright, funny, very sweet. The niece of one of my best friends. I’ve known here since she was tiny.View full post »

97/100 | 100 Day Project

Adam. Awesome, kind, funny. Likes to drive, is in a cool band with his wife. Between he and his wife they are probablyView full post »

96/100 | 100 Day Project

Alison. Six months old already! Such a bright eyed little one.View full post »

95/100 | 100 Day Project

Elizabeth & Ken. So much love.View full post »

94/100 | 100 Day Project

Madeline. Newbie, so little, so sweet.View full post »

93/100 |100 Day Project

Kenneth. Dry, hilarious, adventurous, dimensional, generally awesome.  Founder & creative director at KenKo. We metView full post »

92/100 | 100 Day Project

Linda. Sweet, caring, conversationalist. Lives down the block from me. I’ve known her since I was quite small.View full post »

91/100 | 100 Day Project

Natalie. Kind, real, driven. Mother to a rambunctious little and owner of fitness studio in bay view. We went to highView full post »

90/100 | 100 Day Project

LaNeeshia & Family. My cousin & her family. They’re quite cute. AJ is a super expressive little guy.View full post »

89/100 | 100 Day Project

Allie. Hilarious, generally awesome. We’ve had a lot of dinners together (via the JAC taste of Milwaukee), and sheView full post »

88/100 | 100 Day Project

Theresa & BJ. These two, so very in love.View full post »

87/100 | 100 Day Project

Margaret. Really sweet, funny, acquaintance from high school. We had the opportunity to reconnect in a bar in CharlotteView full post »

86/100 | 100 Day Project

Kelsey. Bright, vibrant, kind. Sister to Dan.  View full post »

85/100 | 100 Day Project

Mario. Funny, chill, husband to Johanna. Had an awesome wedding day a little over a year ago.  View full post »

84/100 | 100 Day Project

Becca. Creative, thrifty, bride to be. This was her birthday and she insisted she take ME out for lunch.  View full post »

83/100 | 100 Day Project

Kelsey & Delanis. My cousin & her love on a beautiful Monday.View full post »

82/100 | 100 Day Project

Poker group. Most of my best friends in a singular picture. They’ve all participated in the 100 day project. TheyView full post »

81/100 | 100 Day Project

Monica & Adam. Beach-y weddings are beautiful.View full post »

80/100 | 100 Day Project

Azure. Kind, light, a mom acquaintance. Fellow photographer. Has an awesome sense of style. Is working on a reallyView full post »

79/100 | 100 Day Project

Jessica. A maternity session in the botanical gardens. The second little to grace their family.View full post »

78/100 | 100 Day Project

Elizabeth. Happy, fun, bright. Always has been full of light. We’ve known each other for a very, very long timeView full post »

77/100 | 100 Day Project

Elaine. Nice, slightly dry, mother to an adorable little. Friend to Brittany, we’ve met in passing a few times.View full post »

76/100 | 100 Day Project

Megan. Spirited, funny, mother. Friend from one of my college classes. As I remember we spent most of it cracking jokesView full post »

75/100 | 100 Day Project

Jim. Outgoing, kind, welcoming, a leader. Head of the Norwood Neighborhood Watch. Still invites me to the yearly blockView full post »

74/100 | 100 Day Project

Mary Ann. Very kind, lovely, another ‘early work’ photography supporter. Mom to Dan. Gave Leah a house tourView full post »

73/100 |100 Day Project

Harrison. Spunky little one. He’s been photographed by me since birth. Into everything, a growing toddler,View full post »

72/100 | 100 Day Project

Katie. Bright, kind. Friend to Carissa for many years. Part of the nanny club.  View full post »

71/100 | 100 Day Project

Jean. Teacher, artistic, spirited. Colorful, funny. Genuine. We had lunch with her the other day and then went to theView full post »

70/100 | 100 Day Project

Johanna. One of my college friends. Fun, bright, sociable. Lives with a pup and a husband. Thinks I should start a blogView full post »

69/100 | 100 Day Project

Carissa. My little sister. One of Leah’s favorites. Determined, stylish, the social butterfly. She has some bigView full post »

68/100 | 100 Day Project

Ashley. Funny, quick witted, spirited. Sister to Aaron. Also into sport, looking after the littles. Looks a lot like herView full post »

67/100 | 100 Day Project

Katheryn & Phil. Too sweet, very in love.View full post »

66/100 | 100 Day Project

Brittany. Awesome, funny, full of life. Really great at throwing parties, organizing, etc. Wife, dog owner.  A businessView full post »

65/100 | 100 Day Project

Anna. Kind, gentle. Soft spoken with an outspoken streak. Has really spectacular eyes. We’ve known each otherView full post »

64/100 | 100 Day Project

Aaron. Into sports, pretty funny, my nephew. The older of the twins. Will probably eat your fruit snacks. Looks a lotView full post »

63/100 | 100 Day Project

Cameron. Cousin, funny, friendly, car guy. Cares a lot about his family.View full post »

62/100 | 100 Day Project

Behind the scenes. Baby R. This little face.View full post »

61/100 | 100 Day Project

Williams Reunion. (Day 3). Saying goodbye after a weekend of family togetherness. Fireworks, shopping, crab legs, etc.View full post »

60/100 | 100 Day Project

Williams Reunion. (Day 2). Portage, IN. It’s been almost 10 years since the last one.View full post »

59/100 | 100 Day Project

Shunta. Also a sister, also a mother. Police officer, active, bargain shopper. A little bit of a hard ass with a softView full post »

58/100 | 100 Day Project

Regina. Mother, sister, friend, etc. Lupus warrior. Shopper. Traveler. Has a large network of friends, always on the goView full post »

57/100 | 100 Day Project

Outtake. Family photos, funny faces.View full post »

56/100 | 100 Day Project

Dan. Kind, hilarious, one of my best friends. He has a nice laugh. Runner, lawyer, comedian, likes trivia. Really enjoysView full post »

55/100 | 100 Day Project

Tony. Genuine, silly, very funny. Also enjoys late night tacos. Husband to Margie. Recently had a surf ninja party (View full post »

54/100 | 100 Day Project

Fr. Dan. One of my favorite people. Genuine, witty, good, surprising. A leader to many, important to many. Off toView full post »

53/100 | 100 Day Project

Andrew. Funny, outgoing, hard headed. Brother to Marjanae. Pilot in training, future Marine. Currently at officer schoolView full post »

52/100 | 100 Day Project

Sarah. Awesome, super sweet, dog lover, past bride. Featuring baby B – due to make his appearance soon.View full post »

51/100 | 100 Day Project

Zeke. Happy with a ball or a bone. Pretty rambunctious for being an old man. Tolerates Leah sitting on him. FrequentlyView full post »

50/100 |100 Day Project

Grandma Lola. Mom to Karen, always seemed to be smiling,  as sweet as can be. Currently eating her way throughView full post »

49/100 | 100 Day Project

Karen. Traveler, writer, tennis enthusiast. Kind, energetic, outgoing. Mom to one of my good friends. Early supporter ofView full post »

48/100 | 100 Day Project

Maura. Portrait session at her family’s home. We needed a few classic portraits against a wall – for mom.View full post »

47/100 | 100 Day Project

Dad. He’s a softy now. Apple of Leah’s eye most days. Protector, photographer, likes to grill. Pretends toView full post »

46/100 | 100 Day Project

Outtake. Amy & Uriah. A bit of blurry love on a stormy day.View full post »

45/100 | 100 Day Project

Maureen. Mom 2.0, caretaker, funny, fantastic cook. Fan of strawberry picking, pies, and sitting outside reading.View full post »

44/100 | 100 Day Project

Mame. Caring, super nice, talkative. New(er) mom, usually smiling, historian. Sister to one of my friends from gradeView full post »

43/100 | 100 Day Project

Colleen. Caretaker, sarcastic, funny, outgoing. Another friend of my sister in grade school. There were men in trees allView full post »

42/100 | 100 Day Project

Teresa. Friend of my sister in grade school. Intelligent, witty, kind. Goofy, as I remember. Gave Leah a tour of herView full post »

41/100 | 100 Day Project

Shelby. Sister to Brittany, inquisitive, rather intense.View full post »

40/100 | 100 Day Project

Ranetta. Cousin, mother, sister to Tam. Quiet, funny, caring, & willing to lend a hand whenever she can.View full post »

39/100 | 100 Day Project

Vanessa & Kevin. So much love between these two. So much love.View full post »

38/100 | 100 Day Project

Moe. Spunky, funny, kind. Should probably model. A friend of my sister from grande school onward. Has a pup, enjoysView full post »

37/100 | 100 Day Project

Margie. Funny, sweet, always super friendly. Wife to Tony, mom to the cats. Such a lovely person to be around. I don&#View full post »

36/100 | 100 Day Project

Jessica. Has mom aesthetic down, mother to twin littles, super funny. Teacher, talker, listener, always fun to be aroundView full post »

35/100 | 100 Day Project

Heidi. Free spirited, welcoming, funny, super sweet. Forced me out of my shell for play dates, is my partner at a lot ofView full post »

34/100 | 100 Day Project

Krista.  Vibrant, caring, funny.  Acupuncturist, wife, mother to some adorable children. Very kind, welcoming, one ofView full post »

33/100 | 100 Day Project

Sean. Tall, full of smiles, kind. Survivor, beau to Marjanae. Leaves an impression.View full post »

32/100 | 100 Day Project

Outtake. Emily & Patrick. If you can’t laugh with each other.View full post »

31/100 | 100 Day Project

Marjanae. Quite the personality on this one. Funny, ultra caring, friend to many, sister/best friend to me. Tough,View full post »

30/100 | 100 Day Project

Phil. Dry, generally quiet, reserved. More of my acquaintance but held in high regard amongst mutual friends. Full ofView full post »

29/100 | 100 Day Project

Erin. Kind, funny, artistic. Must have a bunch of patience to work with kids all day, every day. One of the mostView full post »

28/100 | 100 Day Project

Joe. Dry, charismatic, funny, friend. Lives in California (most of the time). Makes movies & works with Joe on manyView full post »

27/100 | 100 Day Project

Paul. Charismatic, funny, husband to Mary. Roller coaster buddy.View full post »

26/100 | 100 Day Project

Celena. Wife, pet mom, neighbor. Friendly, always smiling, a large part of an awesome neighborhood watch. Has one heckView full post »

25/100 | 100 Day Project

Shae. Vibrant, family oriented, motivated, motivational. Cousin, son, husband, loved by many. Really tall. Gentle, goofyView full post »

24/100 | 100 Day Project

Outtake. Family. The best part of weddings. Family coming together to celebrate the love of two people. Eating, drinkingView full post »

23/100 | 100 Day Project

Outtake. Parker. Little sister loves him, mom & dad are there to wrangle. He’s just happy to be here. ViewView full post »

22/100 | 100 Day Project

Mike. Creative, driven, musician, photographer, painter. Ready to learn. Adventurer. My assistant on a handful ofView full post »

21/100 | 100 Day Project

Leah. Little love, full of smiles, laughter, and joy. Inquisitive, playful, creative, adventurous. She has a mind of herView full post »

20/100 | 100 Day Project

Charmaine. Outtake from a boudoir shoot she and her sister did with me. A fun shoot! Can’t wait to share more ofView full post »

19/100 | 100 Day Project

Ngoc. Sweet, funny, mother. A member of a moms group I am part of… we met originally at a play date. Owner ofView full post »

18/100 | The 100 Day Project

Uncle Vic. Father, brother, uncle. Mourning. Tammara. Cousin. Gone much, much too soon.View full post »

17/100 | The 100 Day Project

Maurice. Teacher, student (of life, let’s say. we met originally in an art history class), thinker. Eccentric,View full post »

16/100 | The 100 Day Project

Erica (and jack). Mom, funny, just as dry as I am. Totally up for letting the kids run at the park while we sit on theView full post »

15/100 | 100 Day Project

Ty. Firefighter (could you tell), father, funny, caring, teacher, an ex boss (almost). Worked with me at the SurviveView full post »

14/100 | 100 Day Project

Jessica. Mother, caregiver, all around good person with (at least) three littles are usually in tow during the day. IView full post »

13/100 | 100 Day Project

Kate. Caretaker, mother, hard working, driven, lively. Leah’s spent the last couple of years with her during theView full post »

12/100 | 100 Day Project

Mary. Might have already made an appearance here. Witty, a journalist, ultra caring, funny. Enjoys nachos.View full post »

11/100 | 100 Days Project

Matt. Funny, hard working, driven, a friend, genuine. Usually building something or with his nose is in a book. MoreView full post »

10/100 | 100 Day Project

Family. Loving, hectic, beautiful, family. A couple of  outtakes from a shoot. Big brother is so concerned about hisView full post »

9/100 | 100 Day Project

Cheryl. Mother, grandmother, ultra organized. One of my mother’s best friends. Has traveled with us on many ‘View full post »

8/100 | 100 Day Project

Aaricka. Mother (to lots of kiddos), cousin, driven, protective,  pretty funny. Great with advice on big life things.View full post »

7/100 | 100 Day Project

Bob. Ex-accountant, gardener, reader. Makes a good drink, enjoys hanging out with my dog. A favorite person of Leah.View full post »

6/100 | 100 Day Project

Joe. Film maker, wanderer, friend, taco lover. Seems to really enjoy the cold of Alaska, jet sets to the west coastView full post »

5/100 | 100 Day Project

Mom. Strong, supporter, caring, nurturing, funny, blunt. Traveler, reader of articles (and forwarder of articles. many,View full post »

4/100 | 100 Day Project

Gracie. Lively, sporty, cousin, growing into an amazing woman. This photo was taken on her confirmation day. We calledView full post »

3/100 | 100 Day Project

DJ. Quiet, strong, caring. In his element in the kitchen (and is a fantastic chef). Wears a lot of black, has purple inView full post »

2/100 | 100 Day Project

Drea. Nurturing mother, party in human form, warm, outgoing. Absolutely fatastic backyard. One of the moms in the areaView full post »

1/100 | 100 Day Project

So I’ve been toying around with the idea of a 100 day project for a while and decided to take the leap. I’mView full post »

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